Frey SL-100 е иновативен LED биомикроскоп. Осигурява прецизна и точна диагностика. С отлична оптика за високо качество на образа и висока разделителна способност. Високо ергономичен апарат с висока надежност и висок комфорт по време на изследване.

Технически характеристики
Minimum slit opening 0 mm
Slit maximum lenght 14 mm continuously variable
Continuously adjustable slit length 1.8 - 14 mm continuously variable
Slit projection scale 1.2 x
Slit stops
0.2/ 1 / 3 / 5 / 9 / 14 mm
Filters clear, blue, diffuser, natural density, red free, yellow
Slit rotation 0°- 180° with reference scale
Vertical Slit Tilting 0°/ 5° /10° / 15°/20°
Working distance (Eye of patient /prism surface 75 mm
Fixation lamp Green lamp
Chin-rest height adjustment 59 mm
Base travel 103 mm X-axis, 100mm Y-axis, 35mm Z-axis
Стереоскопичен микроскоп
Microscope type Convergent binocular optical microscope @ 8°
Magnification power selection system Five position rotating drum
Eyepiece 12.5x
Magnifying powers 6x 10x 16x 25x 40x
Field of view [mm] 36 22 14 9 5.6
Distance between pupils 48.5 mm – 80 mm
Objective lens working distance 111 mm
Objective lens convergence angle 12°
Eyepiece diopter adjustment from -6D to +6D